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On the search to find and rescue your sister you find yourself locked in an empty movie theater, looking for a way out.

Paracusia is a third person survival horror game featuring fixed cameras and tank controls. Use the various resources found in the theater to defend yourself from the horrors waiting inside.



Action: E/Cross
Inventory: Tab/Triangle
Aim: P/R1
Reload: R/Circle (while aiming)

Move: WASD/ D-Pad/ Left Thumbstick
Run: Shift/Circle

Pause: ESC/Start


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ParacusiaDemo.zip 339 MB

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For a PS1 styled game, it shouldn't be this unoptimized. I can barely get 1 frame.


Few little issues but a really good foundation! 


Such a great demo, can't wait to see more!!! ♥

Someone told me to delete the game and reinstall it. It does work now. Must be a glitch, it started before the .NET 3.5 stuff was finished downloading and installing as a feature. 

Can't get it to work on Windows 10 x64, have everything install that it requires. I get to the title screen in letterbox mode and I can't select options or anything, not with a cursor via keyboard nor the mouse. Just sits there with the background of a grainy street light lit street.

Absolutely wonderful! Clearly inspired by Resident Evil and Silent Hill, I love the low-res graphics and tank-like controls.

Can't wait for the finished product!

Hi, Noids! Detective Don William in "Paracusia (Demo)". Better watch it, you Whipper-Snapper!

Made a video

This was phenomenal! I encountered a couple of bugs where the game crashed, but it looks like you've updated the game since I downloaded mine, so it's probably fixed by now. The ambiance was awesome. I loved the sounds and atmosphere of the theater. The models and overall low-poly style of the game was what originally hooked me in and it definitely lived up to expectations. The controls and camera angles were awesome and really made the difficulty of a couple parts pretty harsh (which is awesome). I loved the plot and eeriness of what was going down in the theater. I definitely didn't expect the game to end like that. I can't wait for more!! Thanks so much for making this!

I love the throwback nostalgia you have in the game. Out of curiosity, will you be doing another game that takes the style and controls from the original Silent Hill?

Really love the style you got going for this game! It's really refreshing and different :D Enjoyed playing a lot so I hope you keep up the great work and complete this gem of a horror game :) 


Ahaha. This is so amazing dude. This is the real deal! Yeah it has some bugs, but I'm surprised the switch puzzle actually resets when you get out of the room and re-enter.

Seriously though, this is very, very good. I really hope you get to finish this, get all the help you need and keep this level of quality. It really kicks the drek that is the indie-horror scene in the ass.

Consider already one sale, and a bit of a support from me. :)

thanks so much!

This was awesome realy was a nice throwback to the old skool horror games on ps1 i evan enjoyed the tank controls haha the style of the enemies was very cool and the atmosphere was great generally felt dread in that bathroom haha


Pretty fantastic, but it did seem to get very buggy in the later stages of my playthrough.

I'd love to see the rest of this with a few tweaks and fixes. I'll keep my eye on this one.

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Great game!!!

Interesting controls and graphics!!!         

Really cool game! Reminds me of resident evil or silent hill. The graphics are pretty low (but in a good way) and the atmosphere is very ominous. 

I only have two comments to make. 

1. your character looks like a demon, i don't know if this is on purpose or not.

2.shooting is quite difficult.

Other then that, it's a great game.

Great Oppurtunity For Growth, I didnt End Up finishing It because I got Confused...But Good Game